These are some of the questions I spend a lot of time thinking about.

Please send me any books, resources, thoughts or feedback on these questions.

How do we solve fake news?

False information has resulted in an extreme amount of polarization and misinformed people. This is a much bigger issue than it seems at surface level.

I started writing some thoughts here.


When I was starting and scaling Bedly I found that the process of building products was getting easier, but the process of building a company was getting harder. The proliferation of tools, humans in the middle and disparate data made scaling and evolving a company more difficult.

Organizations must adapt or die. What holds true for organisms is the same for organizations. Today they are not structured to rapidly change and adapt to the accelerating changes in their environments. Blockchain may dramatically transform the DNA of an organization.

I'm currently building and exploring in this space.

why does the U.S suck at building infrastructure?

Something has happened along the way where building housing, roads, bridges, rail, etc has gotten more expensive and takes so much more time than ever before.

This matters because this translates directly into the pocket of the average American. If the train system sucks, rent prices are higher, if there's not enough housing supply, rent is higher.

People are leaving cities like San Francisco, which has had insane job and salary growth because the city can't keep up on infrastructure.